Mentors Change Lives.


Mentors change lives. But the most important life mentors change is their own. Mentors with BYEP get the unique chance to volunteer with teens who commit to empowering their own lives, and in turn, the lives of their mentors. If you're needing inspiration, challenges, and connection, then, holy cow, you're meant for BYEP.



BYEP mentors are relatable adults, typically between 21-35 years old. They bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood.  Through a strength-based approach, mentors commit to participant growth and connection.



Throughout the year,  our volunteer mentors give over 11,000 hours to BYEP's year round programming! Divided into three seasons, winter, summer, fall, mentors commit 10 hours of service per week for 13 weeks



Each 10 hour week is broken into a workshop from 4-7pm one week night, and a weekend adventure that takes you skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, paddleboarding, gardening, and everything else.

Questions? Contact our Program Director, Katie DiBerardinis or, give us a call at 406.551.9660