Introducing Robin Hill

Big Sky youth empowerment’s new executive director


Dear BYEP Community,

It is my honor to introduce myself as your new Executive Director at Big Sky Youth Empowerment. Over the last eighteen years, BYEP has thrived under Pete’s leadership and the community’s unwavering support. Thank you for believing in the power of human potential. You are responsible for thousands of success stories for teenagers across the Gallatin Valley. It is my directive to insure another eighteen years of growth and opportunity at BYEP.

I grew up in Bozeman and went to high school with the first cohort of BYEP participants.  Several of these individuals became lifelong friends of mine and all have gone on to become meaningful members of the Bozeman community. When I left Bozeman, BYEP made a lasting impression on me. After graduating from Stanford with a Masters in Education, and working in Peru for Visions Service Adventures, I returned to Bozeman to work for BYEP and spent three years as a Program Manager.

Teenagers from across the community seek out BYEP and can’t wait to learn and grow. This buyin is unparalleled and the result of their engagement is nothing short from magical. The BYEP experience reinforces them the manta, “my story is a source of power and perspective” and gives each individual the tools to move into his or her life with confidence. As a program manager, I worked with hundreds of local teenagers who received this experience and are vibrant members of the community as a result.

Directing the organization that provided a springboard for these youth is not something I take lightly. The stakes are too high, the stakeholders too important and the impact too critical.

The Gallatin Valley continues to grow and being a teenager is not getting any easier. It is our responsibility to provide them the support and opportunities to meet these challenges head on. This September we will begin construction on an expansion to our current building that will triple its size, complete with six classrooms, a tutoring center, and an event center. By 2021, BYEP will deliver a comprehensive life skills curriculum to over 200 local teenagers from 7th through 12th grade and an additional program for High School graduates.

I invite you to join me for the next eighteen years to build Big Sky Youth Empowerment alongside the youth that will define its success and change the world. Thank you for taking the time to meet me from afar. I am excited to meet you in person this Spring. Have a wonderful winter, and please reach out to me at any time.


Robin Hill