At BYEP we want you to be engaged in your life.  That means helping you ignite your stoke!  What are you passionate about?  The Youth Holla! Ship program was designed with you in mind.  Do you love guitar but need lessons? You're in the right place.  Need a bike to get to work, but a job to buy the bike? Still in the right place.  

Before applying, check out these details first. 

  1. You must be currently enrolled and have been enrolled in BYEP for one full year to apply.
  2. The maximum award is $500
  3. You have to pay us back 50% of the award.  Either in hard cold cash that you earned at a job or by completing community service here at BYEP or at a different nonprofit in our community approved by you and your Program Manager. ( Service work must be completed and signed off by your Program Manager before being awarded your Holla! Ship.)
  4. That's it, start a least start a fire in the metaphorical sense that it's your passion...not, like, a real least not during a drought.

Fill out the form below and we'll review your submission and let you know within one week about our thoughts.  

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