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Big Sky Youth Empowerment provides a program that groups at-risk teens together with peers, mentors, and program managers. We go on weekly adventures together. We cultivate our relationships with weekday workshops. Together, we build confidence while challenging ourselves inside and out. We empower each other. Because as we all grow, our community grows.


Highs And Lows

If you're a teen, you have the power to unleash unlimited potential.

At BYEP, we help you find what makes you rock. You'll cultivate meaningful relationships and friendships. You'll find out how much having confidence can do for you. You'll reach your potential.

Oh, and you'll be joining us skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, rafting, trail building, hiking, doing community service, and growing our community.

Come have fun with us. We can't wait to see you grow.


changing lives

Mentors change lives.

But the most important life mentors change is their own. Mentors with BYEP get the unique chance to work directly with teens who commit to empowering their own lives, and in turn, the lives of their mentors.

If you're needing inspiration, challenges, and connection, then, holy cow, we want you in BYEP.

You were born to be a mentor.

building foundations

Generational change requires unique intervention. Through outdoor adventure and group mentoring, we empower youth.

BYEP is successful when all disadvantaged youth become actively engaged and contributing members of our community.

Our mission to provide opportunities for extraordinary teens to foster self-reliance, critical thinking skills, and community participation fills a direct need for teens to excel as actively-engaged members of our community.

We'd love for you to join our mission.


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