Sara Schwerin: President - I serve on the BYEP Board of Directors because BYEP helps even out the odds for Gallatin Valley's at-risk teens, most of whom would be lost without BYEP's programming and support.

Scott Dehlendorf: Vice President -  I was honored to be chosen to serve on the board given the reputation of BYEP and the proven success of its programs with the youth in our community. Both the leadership, staff and volunteers involved with the operation make the “magic” happen which makes my role on the board so fulfilling. And all of this shows when you get the opportunity to spend time with the kids and see the tangible results.

Jay Kost: Treasurer: I wanted to stay involved after 2 years as a mentor, which gave me an interesting insight to the program. I serve now with hopes of seeing BYEP grow and benefit more youth in our community. It's important that these kids know that there is light at the end of the High School tunnel, and BYEP is here to show them.

Yucca Rieschel: I Love to give back to the community and help BYEP to be a even more effective organization to work with the teenagers in the Gallatin valley.

Shanon Engel: I chose to be on the BYEP board because I truly believe in what the organization does and the way it helps teens in a unique and profound way. Every human being needs to and deserves to feel a sense of belonging; BYEP provides this and so much more to the kids they work with, which is hugely important for helping them realize their potential and become happier, more confident, and ultimately contributing members of society. I wholeheartedly believe in the curriculum, goals, and values of BYEP. 

Kari Locati: BYEP works. In this puzzle to empower and educate our youth, occasionally pieces are missing. BYEP provides that missing link for many fortunate teens in our community. I am honored to be a part of such a successful, committed group of people creating a safe place to provide the missing pieces. To see these kids feeling stronger, happier and more confident is a beautiful by-product of the equation.  

Donnie Olsson: I’ve been to many BYEP events over the past 10+ years & I’ve always walked away with such gratitude for those involved, from leadership to participants, as they represent such an positive impact on our community. I’ve wanted to be more involved since the first event and I’m stoked to be on the Board now. I want to help establish new ideas, spread the awareness throughout the community, & do whatever I can to help achieve BYEP’s growth goals in order to impact more and more youth every year. Lastly, and most important, the participants in this program are amazing. Hearing their stories & how BYEP is like family to them is so touching. For every participant involved there are numerous others whom would equally benefit.  

John DiCola: I have always believed in helping others and giving back to the community. When Becky and I moved our family to Bozeman a few years back we began learning about the incredible wealth of good will service organizations around the valley. Perhaps its being a parent, but I was drawn in by the BYEP work with at risk youth and the impact they were making on kids at a critical point in their life. As I got to know Pete and the team I was inspired to ask how I could support their mission. I am honored and humbled to serve on the BYEP board. 

Gary Kachadurian: BYEP to me represents the future of not only Bozeman but our country. Challenged young people, like I think many of us were, need mentors and peers to blossom. There is no match for Pete and his team of leaders. I just want to be a small part of the engine that moves our energy toward helping those who are engaged and who want to make a difference.